Global Candidate Preferences Survey

Today's candidates are unlike any employers have encountered in history. With unique needs, priorities and unprecedented access to information, organizations are continuously searching for ways they can attract and retain the world's top talent.

To better understand how companies can leverage global candidate preferences and perceptions, ManpowerGroup Solutions went directly to the source – candidates.

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Key Insights

From The Rise of the Well-Informed Candidate Read the Report

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About the Methodology

ManpowerGroup Solutions set out to uncover what impacts the candidate experience during a job search, including candidate behaviors and motivators when looking for employment. The results revealed important trends impacting retention and recruitment and the fact that job candidates around the world are surprisingly similar, from what drives them to job search, the tools they use, the challenges they face and the extent to which companies play a role in their hiring decisions.

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  • Global | 2017

    The Rise of the Well-Informed Candidate

    This report highlights what matters most to today’s candidates and suggests new strategies and tactics to effectively compete for in-demand talent in this new global marketplace.

  • North America | 2017

    Inside the Heads of Job Seekers

    North America - 2017

    Our research revealed that healthcare candidates are unique among job seekers. In order to attract and retain healthcare candidates, employers need to understand their motivations and preferences.

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  • Global | 2016

    Clocking Back In: Boomerang Workers

    This report explores one of the biggest career advancement challenges global candidates face: ageism.

  • Global | 2016

    Always Looking: The Rise Of Continuous Candidates

    This report reveals how employers can better understand the Continuous Candidate mindset and enhance their efforts to attract and retain the best and brightest employees.

  • Global | 2016

    Brand Detectives: The New Generation of Global Candidates

    The second report explores one of the most important — yet least understood — new dynamics of candidate preferences: branding and employer-employee trust.

  • Global | 2016

    Below The Surface: Emerging Global Motivators & Job Search Preferences

    This first report explores the trends that employers need to keep top of mind and highlights a number of universal motivators among candidates around the world.

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