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Clocking Back In: Boomerang Workers

Age discrimination in hiring practices remains an issue in some countries and a significant number of global candidates perceive the pinch of age—at both ends of the spectrum—as a challenge to their career aspirations. What candidates may not realize, however, is that some organizations are embracing generational diversity as a way to overcome the talent shortage. They are hiring boomerang workers (retirees) to fill open positions.


The Future of Workforce Analytics

Today, the most common focus is on metrics that provide insight into what is happening, but not why or how. At the same time, sophisticated data sets and business intelligence tools are emerging to help companies better understand insights at both the firm- and market-level to make better strategic workforce decisions.


Always Looking: The Rise of Continuous Candidates

Loyalty is one of the most desirable attributes in employees and potential employees. Yet, the rise of a new group known as “Continuous Candidates” can make retention more challenging. ManpowerGroup Solutions explores how employers can better understand the Continuous Candidate mindset and enhance their efforts to attract and retain the best and brightest employees.


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Too Young or Too Old: Discrimination of the Ages

Authored by Sarah Brown, RPO European Program Director | More than one-third of candidates globally, regardless of age, believe ageism is a career challenge for them. However, some companies are embracing generational diversity and hiring millennials and boomerang workers (retirees) to overcome the talent shortage.

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Skip the Short Staffed Season

Authored by Melissa Hassett, Vice President, Client Delivery | With the holiday season quickly approaching, many organizations have already begun to prepare for the inevitable influx of customers, purchases and increased demand for products and services.

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Using Analytics to Field a Winning Workforce

Authored by Bill Peters, Vice President, Strategic Client Solutions | Your team is down one run and the bases are loaded. It is the bottom of the ninth with two outs. You have one final chance to win the ballgame. Who do you put up to bat? Who can you trust to deliver the game-winning hit?

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