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Red Rover in M&A

With merger and acquisition (M&A) activity on the rise, so too is the use of contingent workers. Organizations of all sizes and in any sector need to ensure their contingent workforce strategy is ready. TAPFIN outlines some of the broad steps necessary to create a best-in-class program.


Clocking Back In: Boomerang Workers

Age discrimination in hiring practices remains an issue in some countries and a significant number of global candidates perceive the pinch of age—at both ends of the spectrum—as a challenge to their career aspirations. What candidates may not realize, however, is that some organizations are embracing generational diversity as a way to overcome the talent shortage. They are hiring boomerang workers (retirees) to fill open positions.


The Future of Workforce Analytics

Today, the most common focus is on metrics that provide insight into what is happening, but not why or how. At the same time, sophisticated data sets and business intelligence tools are emerging to help companies better understand insights at both the firm- and market-level to make better strategic workforce decisions.



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How to Leverage People Analytics to Improve the Bottom Line

HT Tech Outlook magazine publishes Mary Anderson's article on leveraging people analytics

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300 Women in HR Technology Worth Watching

Kate Donovan makes Recruiting Daily's list of top women in HR and technology

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Bot-Proof Your Career (Part 2)

Beth Theodore with ManpowerGroup Solutions RPO, reflects on the role of Artificial Intelligence and the world in which we are competing with bots.

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Upskilling to Prepare Tomorrow's Workforce

Authored by Kate Donovan, SVP ManpowerGroup Solutions & Global RPO President | Individuals must stay relevant in order to succeed in today's workplace. Whether it is attaining new skills or being able to readily adapt to change, employees must embrace continuous learning. Thriving during the Skills Revolution is not just about the employee. Employers play a key role too.

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HR and Procurement at the Table Together

Authored by Joni Mendyk, Vice President, Client Solutions | Human Resources and Procurement have worked in silos for years. In many organizations, these two functions do not even reside in the same building, let alone geographic location.

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Preparing for the Inevitable

Authored by Jennifer Torney, Vice President, Client Solutions | With the rise of capital on hand, low interest rates and a strong appetite for growth, organizations are looking to M&A as a key component to their expansion strategies.

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