Why TAPFIN from ManpowerGroup Solutions?

TAPFIN logoIn a fast paced, unpredictable market, organizations must be able to react quickly. Increasingly, employers are utilizing contingent workforce strategies to provide flexibility. As the number of contingent workforce sources increases, so do the challenges, such as managing cost, standardizing processes and tracking performance.

To gain control, organizations are turning to TAPFIN, ManpowerGroup Solutions’ Managed Service Provider (MSP). TAPFIN provides comprehensive global solutions that optimize contingent workforce management and drive performance through people, process and technology. Our MSP solutions have the capability to deliver oversight of your service providers and recruitment vendors. Additionally, TAPFIN is the only MSP vendor to have established and maintained an ISO 9001:2008 certification for all its processes.

Customized Solutions

We partner with you to fully understand your needs. We then leverage our deep experience and expertise to design innovative solutions that are completely tailored to maximize your contingent labor.

Global Footprint

Our unmatched global presence in over 80 countries and territories mean on-the-ground professionals to bring your contingent workforce channels together under one plan, with one holistic view of your workforce mix. It also means one centralized processing system to increase efficiencies and control across your entire workforce.

Innovation in Execution

IntelliReach™ is TAPFIN’s global delivery platform for workforce optimization that provides clients with better workforce insights through strategic roadmaps, benchmarking, scorecards and digitized planning. IntelliReach™ provides a single comprehensive view of the organizations workforce, enables benchmarking and comparative data by industry, location and skill type and is fully automated.

Results Delivered

Our solutions are not about making claims and promises. Our solutions are about providing more visibility and predictability to your sourcing channels, as well as introducing you to innovative new workforce models that may strengthen your performance. We deliver the results you need from your contingent workforce to win. 

Scope of MSP Solutions

TAPFIN creates innovative workforce management solutions that address the workforce and vendor management challenges in today's world of work. Our solutions add value by delivering results that increase workforce efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate risks. They include:

Contingent Workforce Management (CWM)

  • Contingent workers (e.g., consultants, independent contractors and temporary staff) are popular options for companies. Yet, most companies lack the available staff or expertise to fully leverage this opportunity. At TAPFIN, CWM solutions are designed to manage all contingent workforce activities (from sourcing to separation), support administrative functions by establishing performance metrics, negotiate SLAs, evaluate vendors, standardize reporting and manage day-to-day operations.
  • Our solutions design and implementation teams are the most experienced in the industry. TAPFIN manages 20,000 contractors daily. We partner with client teams in HR, IT and Procurement to continuously improve processes and results.

Services Procurement Management (SPM)

  • Outsourcing specific support functions helps companies better manage costs and focus on core business growth. As the complexity of managing these workgroups increases,TAPFIN can help to mitigate the risks.
  • TAPFIN has crafted a proprietary and comprehensive approach to SPM for larger clients. Leveraging our CWM expertise and best practices, we refine the process and deliver cost savings, risk mitigation, increased process efficiency and stronger business performance.

Integrated Resource Fulfillment (IRF)

  • TAPFIN’s Integrated Resource Fulfillment solution centralizes the management of multiple worker types including traditional contingent workers, project-based workers and independent contractors. By managing all of these workers in a single global program, clients reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  • IRF makes management of tactical contingent labor workflow more strategic. TAPFIN provides clients with a complete view of their workforce and increases the ability to effectively plan and manage to strategic business targets.


With TAPFIN, you achieve quality, efficiency, compliance and cost savings.


Quality is assured by developing a sourcing strategy that best meets your objectives for each labor category and location supported. Our Program Management capabilities ensure the visibility of vendor performance and enables continuous improvement of the vendor pool.


Realized through dedicated teams of experts deploying best practice-based operations processes that optimize time-to-hire, quality-of-hire, candidate evaluations, contingent worker on-/off-boarding, contingent worker management, and vendor performance management.


Achieved at the vendor, contingent worker and organizational levels through vigilant control of labor and supply contracts, candidate employability validation, on-/off-boarding processes, and engagement practices locally and globally. An exhaustive assessment of relevant legislation, financial policies and customer considerations further mitigate risks related to tenure management, operational liability and back office processes.

Cost Savings

Cost efficiency is derived by deploying and enforcing best practices, business rules and initiatives such as sourcing decision support, overtime rate controls, margin optimization, demand management, vendor rationalization and tiering, volume discounts, and comprehensive rate card analysis and management. Our established process efficiencies minimize costs throughout the supply chain with custom initiatives such as consolidated invoicing, streamlined requisitioning and automated approvals.

MSP Success Stories

Leader Recognition

Named top leader by Everest Group in the 2015 MSP-Service Provider Landscape with PEAK Matrix Assessment for second consecutive year.

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MSP Success Stories

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Managed Service Provider Network

In addition to ManpowerGroup’s extensive branch network, TAPFIN draws upon its existing business relationships with over 4,000 companies who provide temporary staffing on behalf of our clients around the world.


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