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Small World, Big Differences: Regional Perspectives on MSP

When it comes to MSP expansion, companies have struggled to implement and operate in multiple countries due to an array of rapidly evolving legal, economic, technological requirements. TAPFIN looks at the context for MSP in various regions and the dynamics that influence global contingent workforce management.


Swipe Right: Candidate Technology Preferences During the Job Search

Technology has changed everything when it comes to attracting and hiring top talent. Employers who can adapt gain a competitive advantage in today's war for talent. Read our latest report to gain insights into candidate technology preferences.


Total Workforce Index 2017

NEW: The first Total Workforce Index is now available. Gain a new level of visibility and insight into all workforce segments. Discover and compare the top markets for total workforce engagement in the 2017 report.



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How to Leverage People Analytics to Improve the Bottom Line

HT Tech Outlook magazine publishes Mary Anderson's article on leveraging people analytics

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300 Women in HR Technology Worth Watching

Kate Donovan makes Recruiting Daily's list of top women in HR and technology

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Bot-Proof Your Career (Part 2)

Beth Theodore with ManpowerGroup Solutions RPO, reflects on the role of Artificial Intelligence and the world in which we are competing with bots.

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The Impact of Knowing Candidate Preferences

Employers’ newsfeeds are overloaded with stories of changing work models, new tools and millennials’ high expectations. Add a persistent talent shortage and the stage is set for an extremely competitive labor market. Our Candidate Preferences research is designed to help employer stay ahead by revealing what candidates expect in their job searches. Here is a look at key 2017 findings and their impact on employers’ hiring strategies:

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A New Perspective for 2018

This is the time when just about everyone makes predictions about the year to come. Scrolling through newsfeeds you are bombarded with articles predicting trends for 2018: Whether it’s Drone’s revolutionizing home delivery services, hackers threatening personal security as more and more people introduce connected devices into their homes or driverless cars on our roads.

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Are Your Candidates Swiping Right?

Technology touches every aspect of the hiring cycle. It is a powerful weapon in an employer’s arsenal, but it needs to be used with care. To attract, develop and retain in-demand talent, it is critical that employers listen to the preferences and expectations of workers, and adapt their use of technology accordingly. Those that do will gain a significant competitive advantage. Companies that proactively respond to candidates’ technological preferences, rather than fight them, will ultimately win the war on talent.

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We Know Where Your Talent Is

Today, most organizations are redefining workforce planning and focusing more on what could reasonably be called “workforce strategy for the Human Age.” The tools, data and analytics exist to help companies look at regional and global market-level data in tandem and expectations for improved talent engagement planning are increasing. Forward-looking companies are driving toward more evolved strategies that allow them to predict future success rather than rely on past performance to guide decision making.

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