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New Marching Orders: What Employers Need to Know About Veteran Candidate Preferences

Veterans are a highly skilled and motivated candidate pool that employers cannot afford to overlook in today’s tight talent market

Research Insights

Insights into the full range of workforce challenges faced by today's employers

Total Workforce Index

The Total Workforce Index is now available. Gain a new level of visibility and insight into all workforce segments. Discover and compare the top markets for total workforce engagement in the 2019 report.


Small World, Big Differences: Regional Perspectives on MSP

When it comes to MSP expansion, companies have struggled to implement and operate in multiple countries due to an array of rapidly evolving legal, economic, technological requirements. TAPFIN looks at the context for MSP in various regions and the dynamics that influence global contingent workforce management.


Swipe Right: Candidate Technology Preferences During the Job Search

Technology has changed everything when it comes to attracting and hiring top talent. Employers who can adapt gain a competitive advantage in today's war for talent. Read our latest report to gain insights into candidate technology preferences.



Our industry thought leadership, global workforce research and implementation experience give us a unique perspective on the future of work.

Contingent Workforce Weekly Podcast

A roundtable discussion with Manpower/TAPFIN’s VP of Client Engagement, Jen Torney, on the impact of technology and a look ahead to 2019.

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300 Women in HR Technology Worth Watching

Kate Donovan makes Recruiting Daily's list of top women in HR and technology

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Bot-Proof Your Career (Part 2)

Beth Theodore with ManpowerGroup Solutions RPO, reflects on the role of Artificial Intelligence and the world in which we are competing with bots.

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