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February, 2018

The Impact of Knowing Candidate Preferences

Employers’ newsfeeds are overloaded with stories of changing work models, new tools and millennials’ high expectations. Add a persistent talent shortage and the stage is set for an extremely competitive labor market. Our Candidate Preferences research is designed to help employer stay ahead by revealing what candidates expect in their job searches. Here is a look at key 2017 findings and their impact on employers’ hiring strategies:

December, 2017

A New Perspective for 2018

This is the time when just about everyone makes predictions about the year to come. Scrolling through newsfeeds you are bombarded with articles predicting trends for 2018: Whether it’s Drone’s revolutionizing home delivery services, hackers threatening personal security as more and more people introduce connected devices into their homes or driverless cars on our roads.

November, 2017

Are Your Candidates Swiping Right?

Technology touches every aspect of the hiring cycle. It is a powerful weapon in an employer’s arsenal, but it needs to be used with care. To attract, develop and retain in-demand talent, it is critical that employers listen to the preferences and expectations of workers, and adapt their use of technology accordingly. Those that do will gain a significant competitive advantage. Companies that proactively respond to candidates’ technological preferences, rather than fight them, will ultimately win the war on talent.

October, 2017

We Know Where Your Talent Is

Today, most organizations are redefining workforce planning and focusing more on what could reasonably be called “workforce strategy for the Human Age.” The tools, data and analytics exist to help companies look at regional and global market-level data in tandem and expectations for improved talent engagement planning are increasing. Forward-looking companies are driving toward more evolved strategies that allow them to predict future success rather than rely on past performance to guide decision making.

September, 2017

37% Look for Jobs While at Work

Today's candidates are unlike any employers have encountered. With unique needs, priorities and unprecedented access to information, organizations are continuously searching for ways they can attract and retain the world's top talent.

August, 2017

Gain a Clear Picture of Your Workfroce

Authored by Jennifer Torney, Vice President Client Solutions: Organizations often overlook a major challenge: deploying workers at the right place and with the right access. They may not realize that they are creating a hidden workforce and, in turn, introducing significant risks. This oversight can place the best compliance, security and safety plan at risk, not to mention the potential to adversely impact your organization’s brand. Yet, there is a solution to protect against this threat.

July, 2017

Flexibility Goes Beyond Working Hours

Authored by Alex Bojarski, Head of RPO Centre of Recruitment Excellence EMEA l There is an ongoing debate about the changing nature of candidate expectations, from due diligence on the employer and CSR efforts to understanding how ‘meaningful’ a job is. And of course, salary transparency and modern-day benefits matter, but there is one in particular candidate demand that is definitely on the rise – more schedule flexibility.

May, 2017

Going Global: Taking MSP to the Next Level

Authored by Mark Zolkos, Vice President Process Excellence and Global Center of Excellence | More organizations are looking to globalize their Managed Service Programs (MSP) than ever before. In today's competitive environment, the desire for more process efficiencies, cost savings and economies scale are inevitable.

April, 2017

Candidates Expect More

Authored by Flor Alvarez, RPO Regional Sales Manager Brazil | In the past, organizations focused more on scrutinizing candidates, using a thorough selection process to reduce the number of potential candidate profiles. In exchange, a decent job description and an attractive compensation package were generally sufficient to pique a candidate’s interest in a career opportunity. Today, more candidates assess their potential employer based on how meaningful the work is to them.

March, 2017

Planning for Uncertainty

Authored by Victoria Bombas, RPO Solutions and COE Director | As technological disruption and political changes continue, we can be certain that uncertainty lies ahead. How can we plan for events that we have yet to foresee? As business leaders, should we spend more time anticipating and preparing?

February, 2017

Upskilling to Prepare Tomorrow's Workforce

Authored by Kate Donovan, SVP ManpowerGroup Solutions & Global RPO President | Individuals must stay relevant in order to succeed in today's workplace. Whether it is attaining new skills or being able to readily adapt to change, employees must embrace continuous learning. Thriving during the Skills Revolution is not just about the employee. Employers play a key role too.

January, 2017

HR and Procurement at the Table Together

Authored by Joni Mendyk, Vice President, Client Solutions | Human Resources and Procurement have worked in silos for years. In many organizations, these two functions do not even reside in the same building, let alone geographic location.

December, 2016

Preparing for the Inevitable

Authored by Jennifer Torney, Vice President, Client Solutions | With the rise of capital on hand, low interest rates and a strong appetite for growth, organizations are looking to M&A as a key component to their expansion strategies.

November, 2016

Too Young or Too Old: Discrimination of the Ages

Authored by Sarah Brown, RPO European Program Director | More than one-third of candidates globally, regardless of age, believe ageism is a career challenge for them. However, some companies are embracing generational diversity and hiring millennials and boomerang workers (retirees) to overcome the talent shortage.

October, 2016

Skip the Short Staffed Season

Authored by Melissa Hassett, Vice President, Client Delivery | With the holiday season quickly approaching, many organizations have already begun to prepare for the inevitable influx of customers, purchases and increased demand for products and services.

September, 2016

Using Analytics to Field a Winning Workforce

Authored by Bill Peters, Vice President, Strategic Client Solutions | Your team is down one run and the bases are loaded. It is the bottom of the ninth with two outs. You have one final chance to win the ballgame. Who do you put up to bat? Who can you trust to deliver the game-winning hit?

August, 2016

Redefining Loyalty in Business

Authored by Sarah Peiker, RPO Practice Leader, EMEA | The latest global candidate preferences insights paper from ManpowerGroup Solutions examines the concept of the "Continuous Candidate" and the factors influencing a key business culture shift – employees looking for job security are now seeking career security.

July, 2016

Zooming In On Labor Markets

Authored by Kate Donovan, Senior Vice President of ManpowerGroup Solutions and Global RPO President | If you were buying a new house, would you make an offer just because the selling price was in your range? Of course not. You would consider many other things like location, property taxes, nearby services and community culture.

June, 2016

Diversity Thinking

Authored by Jim McCoy, Vice President, Global Practice Leader, Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Many organizations pursue diversity objectives for the right reasons, but focus on the wrong outcomes. Organizations will often claim that they are pursuing diversity objectives because "it is the right thing to do."

May, 2016

Practice What You Preach

Authored by Francisco Diaz, Regional Managing Director, ManpowerGroup Solutions Latin America | The latest global candidate preferences report from ManpowerGroup Solutions explores why today's potential hires are increasingly interested in employer brand and employer-employee trust. Companies can't fool these "brand detectives" who know exactly where to look for information and who to talk to when it comes to understanding an organization's authenticity.

April, 2016

Too Small for an MSP? Not Anymore.

Authored by Sean Garbett, General Manager, TAPFIN, Europe | TAPFIN is no stranger to inquiries from companies seeking advice on their contingent workforce strategy and how it can exist alongside their HR, procurement and talent strategies. With more than two decades of experience across some 59 countries we've seen many new entrants to the workforce solution market and they all possessed one commonality: they're big programmes.

March, 2016

It’s not just about making money – what matters to job seekers across the globe

Authored by Victoria Bombas, RPO Director, ManpowerGroup Solutions, Europe | With the global economic picture looking uncertain once again for the second time in a decade, is our personal relationship with money really changing? When it comes to our employment selection and how we are compensated it would seem so and, as with many trends, GenYers are leading the charge.

February, 2016

Organizational Transformation Starts with a Gold Medal RPO

Authored by Wendy Wick, Vice President, RPO Client Delivery | Today's Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is sophisticated and so are its buyers. Transformational RPOs are integrated, complex engagements best appreciated from within company walls. To illustrate this...

January, 2016

Global Workforce Trends and Considerations

Authored by Raleen Gagnon, Director Market Intelligence | There are hundreds of trends and thousands of reports to choose from, and historically, HR and staffing professionals have a tendency to focus on reports related to talent availability and compensation rather than the detailed HR analytics available today.

December, 2015

From Competing to Collaborating, Companies Sharing Talent Pools to Meet Workforce Challenges

Authored by Amy Doyle, Vice President, Strategic Client Solutions | There is often an inherent sense of competition between companies in the same industry. Each strives to gain more market share and the best talent. However, with today's workforce challenges, competitors may need to work together more so than ever before to secure the right talent.

November, 2015

Decisions, Decision, Decisions…Selecting The Right Work Model Doesn’t Need To Be Difficult

Authored by Peter Ludwig, Director, Strategic Client Solutions & Consulting Services Project Management Office | In the changing world of work, managers have multiple work models to choose from, technological advances are making it easier to get work done, and candidates have more choices on how to be engaged.

October, 2015

Measuring What Matters

Authored by Susan Howse, General Manager, ManpowerGroup Solutions Australia | The evolution of analytics is impacting a wide spread cross-­section of industries and recruitment is no exception. The increasing availability and sophistication of data, coupled with a fiercely competitive market, has led to a long­-awaited shake up of the recruitment industry.

September, 2015

We Have All Been Candidates

Authored by Melissa Hassett, Vice President, Client Delivery | Although I am more often working with clients on talent attraction and acquisition strategies, I am often asked by friends and family for help when they are in a job search. I start by talking to them about what they want in a role, company, and career.

August, 2015

Talent Beacons and Authentic Stories

Authored by Jim McCoy, Vice President, Global Practice Leader, Recruitment Process Outsourcing | The June SCOTUS ruling in the U.S. on marriage equality was a catalyst for a number of organizations to take a look at how they address diversity in the workplace.

July, 2015

What Can an iPhone Teach us About Retention?

Authored by Steve Lopez, Vice President, Consulting & Solutions | Whether you're a fan of Apple products or not, most agree that the user experience created by Apple has set the standard for how we expect to interact with our electronic and portable devices.

June, 2015

EVP - An Employer Brand's MVP

Authored by Lisa Schiller, Vice President, Client Delivery | Employer branding is a hot topic for HR professionals today. Often talent acquisition takes the role of driving the definition and promotion of employer brand. But where to start in cultivating an engaging employer brand can be different for organizations.

April, 2015

Rumors Are Impacting Your Recruiting

Authored by Sarah Peiker, RPO Practice Leader, EMEA | Recruiters need to have awareness of what those preconceived notions may be as it effects every part of their interaction with candidates. Through recruiting, we have a unique opportunity through the candidate experience to make a significant impact on reinforcing, or changing, opinions about an organization through what we do.

March, 2015

7 Tips For Engaging Passive Candidates

Authored by Jon-­Ray Rivera, Vice President, Client Delivery | Many recruiters feel as though they are in a war for talent every day. With a talent shortage, competitive demand and skills gap, the pressure to find quality talent is greater than ever before.

February, 2015

Global Recruiting: Candidate Experience Sets The Boundaries

Authored by Kate Donovan, Senior Vice President of ManpowerGroup Solutions and Global RPO President | The internet has greatly expanded the boundaries of recruiting. Today you can source candidates from anywhere. It's also possible to manage the entire recruiting life cycle across multiple time zones. But, just because it's possible, doesn't mean it's always a good idea.

January, 2015

No Man Is An Island: What Everyone Should Know About Closing the Talent Gap

Authored by Katy Antequil, Operations Director, ManpowerGroup, New Zealand | The silver lining is when geographic lines are blurred out of necessity or ingenuity, the world becomes a smaller, more connected place with a deeper talent pool that will go further and last longer.