December, 2019

Total Workforce Index

The Total Workforce Index is now available. Gain a new level of visibility and insight into all workforce segments. Discover and compare the top markets for total workforce engagement in the 2019 report.

December, 2017

Small World, Big Differences: Regional Perspectives on MSP

When it comes to MSP expansion, companies have struggled to implement and operate in multiple countries due to an array of rapidly evolving legal, economic, technological requirements. TAPFIN looks at the context for MSP in various regions and the dynamics that influence global contingent workforce management.

November, 2017

Swipe Right: Candidate Technology Preferences During the Job Search

Technology has changed everything when it comes to attracting and hiring top talent. Employers who can adapt gain a competitive advantage in today's war for talent. Read our latest report to gain insights into candidate technology preferences.

July, 2017

Work, for Me

Our latest piece of thought leadership provides new insights into schedule flexibility preferences across the globe based on findings from our Global Candidate Preferences Survey.

May, 2017

More Than a Passport

As MSP markets mature, providers with global capabilities are becoming better equipped to create flexible service delivery solutions that meet the needs of today’s organizations.

April, 2017

The Rise of the Well-Informed Candidate

This report provides new insights into the type of information candidates look for and are armed with before they hit the 
“submit” button on their application. Never before have candidates been so well-informed so early on in the process.

March, 2017

Planning for Uncertainty

In today's world of work, the only certainty is uncertainty. Developing a strategy that accounts for large-scale change and the impact of unexpected circumstances is the key to future proofing business success and creating a resilient, agile and right-skilled workforce.

December, 2016

Red Rover in M&A

With merger and acquisition (M&A) activity on the rise, so too is the use of contingent workers. Organizations of all sizes and in any sector need to ensure their contingent workforce strategy is ready. TAPFIN outlines some of the broad steps necessary to create a best-in-class program.

November, 2016

Clocking Back In: Boomerang Workers

Age discrimination in hiring practices remains an issue in some countries and a significant number of global candidates perceive the pinch of age—at both ends of the spectrum—as a challenge to their career aspirations. What candidates may not realize, however, is that some organizations are embracing generational diversity as a way to overcome the talent shortage. They are hiring boomerang workers (retirees) to fill open positions.

September, 2016

The Future of Workforce Analytics

Today, the most common focus is on metrics that provide insight into what is happening, but not why or how. At the same time, sophisticated data sets and business intelligence tools are emerging to help companies better understand insights at both the firm- and market-level to make better strategic workforce decisions.

August, 2016

Always Looking: The Rise of Continuous Candidates

Loyalty is one of the most desirable attributes in employees and potential employees. Yet, the rise of a new group known as “Continuous Candidates” can make retention more challenging. ManpowerGroup Solutions explores how employers can better understand the Continuous Candidate mindset and enhance their efforts to attract and retain the best and brightest employees.

July, 2016

Contingent Workforce Index 2016 Global Analysis

The Contingent Workforce Index (CWI) measures the relative ease of sourcing, hiring and retaining a contingent workforce in competing labor markets around the world.

May, 2016

Brand Detectives: The New Generation of Global Candidates

Today’s candidates are unlike any employers have encountered in history. With unique preferences, priorities and unprecedented access to information, global corporations and other employers are continuously searching for ways they can attract and retain the world’s top talent.

April, 2016

Moving Beyond Big Business: Changing Market Dynamics Drive Emergence of MSP Solutions for Lower-Volume Programmes

There are specific market dynamics that are giving rise to increased demand for MSP workforce solutions. Learn how the right MSP solution can break with the traditional MSP model to provide scalability and agility to the wider market.

March, 2016

Below the Surface: Emerging Global Motivators & Job Search Preferences

In today’s competitive environment, global corporations and other employers are searching for ways they can attract and retain the world’s top talent. To understand how employers can leverage global candidate preferences, ManpowerGroup Solutions surveyed nearly 4,500 job seekers across five influential employment markets around the word.

February, 2016

Transforming Talent Acquisition: Recruitment Process Outsourcing Comes of Age

When recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) was introduced some twenty years ago, providers faced a steep learning and awareness curve: organizations were not accustomed to outsourcing their recruitment function. Nonetheless, RPOs were able to help companies gain significant cost savings, improve productivity and transform their talent acquisition relatively quickly.

December, 2015

Collaborating with Competitors

Sharing Talent Pools to Meet Workforce Challenges The key to finding talent in the future may very well require competitors in the same industry to share talent pools. It is admittedly a radical idea that may initially necessitate awkward conversations among companies otherwise competing for both market share and for the same talent. ManpowerGroup Solutions explores the potential benefits of creating talent pools designed to be shared among competitors and also foster long-term relationships with talent.

October, 2015

Recruiting Strategy Metrics: From Transactional to Transformational

Most hiring managers can easily recite the set of indicators used to measure recruiting efficiency: time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, applicant-to-hire rate, and so forth. Today these transactional metrics continue to be important indicators, but they are only the first step in a larger spectrum of possibilities.

September, 2015

Making the Connection

Making the Connection Best Practices in Candidate Experience

July, 2015

Rethinking Retention

Rethinking Retention A User Experience Approach to Keeping Great People

July, 2015

Contingent Workforce Index 2015 Global Analysis

The Contingent Workforce Index helps employers make informed decisions about their entire workforces by measuring and tracking the relative ease of sourcing, hiring and retaining contingent workers in 75 countries.

June, 2015

If You Build It They Will Come

The New Role of Employer Branding

March, 2015

#Trust: The Key Ingredient to a Great Employer Brand

Today’s employers recognize the value of their employer brand to attract top talent, engage employees and establish a reputation as an employer of choice. Companies are increasing investments in strategies to enhance their employer value proposition (EVP) and extend awareness of their EVP to employees and potential candidates.

March, 2015

Hiding in Plain Sight: Tapping Into Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are hiding in plain sight. Ensure your employer attraction and acquisition strategies factor in this valuable talent pool.