Workforce availability is an essential consideration when evaluating potential markets. Consider this: If the labor pool in the market you are considering cannot meet the volume of talent required does it matter that the market may be more cost efficient, have more flexible regulations or a higher production capacity?


Calculating Workforce Availability

The primary data sources for this index are all based on statistics from the ministries of labour for the 75 markets within the scope, the Central Intelligence Agency (U.S.), World Data Bank, Trading Economics, and internal data collected as part of ManpowerGroup global reporting efforts.

Top Ten Markets for Total Workforce Availability

There is a lot of consistency regarding the markets in the top ten for Availability. However, the inclusion of smaller markets such as Ireland and Norway demonstrate that inclusion in the top ten isn’t dependent on workforce size alone. Bahrain is an example of a smaller market that has experienced investment in the workforce as well as skills development. This coupled with favorable policies for migration into this market shift the foundation of the workforce skill base. That skills base drives the value of the workforce to employment organizations.

In recent years, Bahrain's labor force has made up of roughly 70% foreign workers. This market has made aggressive investments into foreign workforce development to augment local skill sets and helped to shift its skill base to make them more appealing to employers. Also, worth noting is that pervasive use of foreign workers drives language proficiencies, adding more value to its skill base and showing that this market is emerging as a regional hub for the middle east.

Sweden has a strong score in Availability and while it has seen a huge spike in demand in the past, there are challenges related to supply of talent in this highly skilled workforce. The quality of the skills is very high, however the competition for talent and strict regulations in this market make it one that would benefit a very specific set of requirements for talent.

Comparison of the Top Five Markets for Workforce Availability

Size of the bubble reflects the Relative Availability of each market, while the color reflects Relative Regulation

  • Minimal Regulatory Impact
  • Moderate Regulatory Impact
  • Restrictive Regulatory Impact

Comparison of 2017 vs 2018 for Workforce Availability


2017 Top 10 2018 Top 10











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