Explore the results of the 2018 Total Workforce Index™ rankings as they relate to the different segmentations below.

Comparison of Top Five Markets ranked by Total Workforce Index™

Learn more about the top five markets in each category as well as overall in these five breakdowns of the top markets in Availability, Cost Efficiency, Regulation, Productivity and Global top five.

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Top 10 Markets for Total Workforce Engagement

Explore insights into the top ten global markets for 2018 as well as a look back at the top ten markets over the past five years. Find out which markets are consistent top performers and why.

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Top 25 Markets for Total Workforce Engagement

Take a closer look at the top 25 markets for 2018 by score and compare the performance in each category for each of these markets against other top 25 markets.

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Complete Total Workforce Index™ Rating

Check the rankings of each of the 75 global workforce markets included in the 2018 Total Workforce Index™ at a glance.

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