Micro-market changes have as much impact on local hiring practice as major legislative changes. In Canada, the provincial law requires modified processes while the U.S. has state and city level regulations to consider. In South and Central America sourcing needs are increasing in complexity due to shifts in organized labor, foreign workforce policy and statutory requirements.

“Many would argue that workforce strategies in the Americas are more stable and mature than in some areas of Europe and Asia. Expansion of MSP and RPO programs into Canada, in addition to multiple markets in South and Central America, is becoming more commonplace. This supposed “stable maturity” can be a dangerous assumption of the Americas.”

– Jamiel Saliba, Vice President/General Manager TAPFIN Global

Total Workforce

The Total Workforce is a combination of all of the workers engaged in either Contingent or Permanent work within each country.

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Contingent Workforce

The Contingent Workforce is comprised of all non-permanent staff including but not limited to informal, contract, part-time or temporary labor.

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Permanent Workforce

The Permanent Workforce is comprised of all of the workers considered to be full-time or staff employees.

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