Asia Pacific

While many organizations are evaluating near-shore and re-shoring options, the APAC market continues to be the leading location strategy for most centralized functions. With the majority of the world’s workforce sitting in the Asia Pacific region, it is no surprise that expanding workforce programs into Asia is a top priority among employers

“New skills requirements, updated tax policy, and labour laws have shifted some of the cost benefit scenarios in the region, making some smaller markets more effective in the sourcing of certain skills or the support of particular shift schedules. Each Asian market has its own value proposition, ranging from wages and productivity to skills and risk mitigation.”

– Sam Haggag, Director MSP & Sales APAC and Middle East Country Manager

Total Workforce

The Total Workforce is a combination of all of the workers engaged in either Contingent or Permanent work within each country.

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Contingent Workforce

The Contingent Workforce is comprised of all non-permanent staff including but not limited to informal, contract, part-time or temporary labor.

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Permanent Workforce

The Permanent Workforce is comprised of all of the workers considered to be full-time or staff employees.

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