Europe, Middle East, Africa

The accelerated migration across Europe, coupled with shifting wages and legislation, has altered how skills are dispersed and priced across the region. What has not changed is the ever increasing volume of employers seeking EMEA markets to near-shore many of their support and centralized functions.

“Not only is there more competition for talent, but requirements are becoming more complex as language proficiency and mobility become more of a priority. It is the nuance of which market has the right combination of skills availability and cost efficiency to meet client needs that are driving many decisions today.”

– Sarah Peiker, RPO Practice Leader, EMEA

Total Workforce

The Total Workforce is a combination of all of the workers engaged in either Contingent or Permanent work within each country.

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Contingent Workforce

The Contingent Workforce is comprised of all non-permanent staff including but not limited to informal, contract, part-time or temporary labor.

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Permanent Workforce

The Permanent Workforce is comprised of all of the workers considered to be full-time or staff employees.

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