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Centralized Sourcing

PowerSuite® Sourcing Engine

PowerSuite® Sourcing Engine

The cornerstone of our talent pipelining strategy is the PowerSuite Sourcing Engine, an ingenious fusion of cutting-edge technology and the human touch of our Centralized Sourcing Team. This dynamic team collaborates seamlessly with our client services teams, employing diverse sourcing channels to bolster candidate generation. By taking on this crucial responsibility, they free up valuable time for our client services teams to concentrate on providing exceptional experiences to both customers and candidates. It leads to a reduction in overall sourcing expenditure, seamless scalability, candidate pipelining, and robust talent communities to keep your future hires engaged.

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Centralized Sourcing generates candidate flow, creates candidate pipelines, and builds a robust, proprietary talent community that provides instant access to candidate shift availability. It enables the creation of new talent pools for specialized roles and offers a high-touch experience that fosters candidate loyalty. It is a hub where we can pool previous candidates, referrals, or alumni for potential rehiring or redeployment, maximizing your existing resources while expanding your reach.

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